Dubai can be an expensive city for any family to live in, especially during the summer months when the heat is high and there is not much free entertainment available at the beautiful parks around town.  With little ones at home, we have found it critical to find cost-effective ways to keep their minds and bodies active and exploring.  Here are some of our family favorites:


1) Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo – Annual pass – 250 AED

What you get: 12 months of unlimited access to the underwater zoo and aquarium tunnel and more!  If you have not been, this is the place to check out for adults and children alike.  The aquarium is easily visible to the average Dubai Mall guest, but the ticket to go inside offers so much more behind the scenes in the underwater zoo section as well as the aquarium tunnel.  The underwater zoo has fish, birds, some small mammals, reptiles & bugs … and don’t forget the king croc & penguin exhibits!  The underwater tunnel is an amazing experience for the little ones to be surrounded by large fish, rays and sharks.  It’s a great way to spend part of the day & very convenient during the hot summer months to break up the standard mall trips.

Not sure if it will entertain your little one?  If you have the Entertainer app, you can check it out with a 2-for-1 deal first, or keep the Entertainer voucher to use when you have guests in town.  Standard single entry ticket prices start at 100 AED per trip – children under 3 are free.


2) Fun City – 100-day pass – 99 AED

What you get: 100 days of unlimited access to all the Fun City branches around Dubai.  This is a great indoor play area for all ages, starting with the youngest ones in the soft play areas and going up to grade school age.  Fun City is structured around ‘themes that include imaginative play, social and pretend play, dress-up and role play along with fine-motor skills development, games, sliding, jumping and climbing, the centers ensure entertainment with value-based learning experiences.’

In addition to the play pass membership, you can also find 2-for-1 vouchers in the Entertainer app to double your value for “Powercard Cash”, their pay-per-play card that can be used for video games and rides outside of the included play pass membership areas.


3) Dubai Parks and Resorts: Motiongate or Legoland – Annual pass – 275 AED for 1 Park Pass

(430 AED for 2 Park Pass, or 525 AED for an All Parks Pass)

What you get:  These full year passes provide unlimited trips to the park for you and your kids!  With standard 1-day, 1 park passes starting at 235 AED per trip, there is clear value to purchase the annual pass if you plan on visiting more than one time in the year.  The benefit of the pass is that it also provides flexibility to visit the parks for just a portion of the day during the hotter summer months or crowded winter times to beat the crowds and heat without the pressure to get to all the attractions in within one day.


4) Al Ain Zoo – Family Annual Pass – 650 AED

What you get: Unlimited access to the Al Ain Zoo, World Deserts & Sheikh Zayed Desert Learning Centre for 2 adults & up to 3 children for a year.  As one of the best reputed zoo options in the area, this is a great family option to get outside for some fun animal spotting as well as feel good about the education and conservation focus they prioritize.  Individual annual passes are also available starting at 225 AED for adults and 90 AED for children.


5) Adventure Zone by Adventure HQ – Multi-passes for 10 trips starting at 350 AED

What you get: This is the ultimate indoor adventure park that lets your children climb, explore and get some much-needed energy out with all the creative obstacles and wall climbing activities available.  It brings the fun of an outdoor playground indoors with the added benefits of safety equipment, air conditioning, and on-site supervision from the wonderful Adventure HQ staff to make for a perfect active outing.

Not sure if it will entertain your little one?  If you have the Entertainer app, you can check it out with a 2-for-1 deal first, or keep the Entertainer voucher to use when you have guests in town.  Standard single entry tickets for 60 mins of adventure start at 110 AED.

This pass is available for use at all Adventure Zones across the UAE: Times Square & Galleria Mall in Dubai or Dalma Mall and Yas Mall in Abu Dhabi.  Keep in mind that the activities have height & weight restrictions for entry, so call or check the website for the latest guidelines before booking for the littlest ones.


These are some of our family’s favorite value finds around Dubai.  What other great values have your family found to keep the little ones busy around town?


Kelly Nobles is an Executive Finance Leader, Coach, Mentor, working-mom, millennial, and Champion of Diversity & Inclusion with over 12 years of multinational experience in leading teams and driving organizational transformation and process excellence spanning 50+ countries and cultures. Kelly is continually learning & loves to share her experiences to help others on their personal professional journey.

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