I don’t mind going to a restaurant or to the movies by myself every once in a while.  Some people would never consider it!  Doing things alone from time to time isn’t the worst thing that could happen to someone … but there are certain things that I’m glad not be doing by myself.  A critical area that I’m proud to be part of a growing trend is the Personal Finance Education Movement.


If you do a quick search online for “personal finance blog” you’ll find a never-ending stream of content to wade through.  It’s amazing to see how many people have started blogging about personal finance in recent years.  A few websites have even taken it upon themselves to create summary directories of many of the most popular Personal Finance blogs.


For example, check out…

Spoken Growth – Personal Finance Directory

Rockstar Finance Blog Directory (1,287 blogs in this list, as of the time of this article!)


The Dubai Personal Finance site is even included in the Rockstar Finance Directory … you can find us here!


Why is Personal Finance such a hot topic for bloggers?

I think it’s because although money is obviously a vital resource and important topic for all of us, there is a deep lack of proper personal finance educational resources and training which are incorporated into the regular educational curriculum of students globally.  We are taught about history, science, math, art, and literature … but somehow Personal Finance seems to be an often neglected area of study.  So we just never properly learn how to manage money at a young age.


We don’t realize this gap in our knowledge while we are kids or even perhaps while we’re students at the University level, for the simple reason that our parents are typically covering the majority of our expenses and providing a financial framework for our lives.  But as soon as we step out on our own, we have to figure out for ourselves how to manage our own budgets and financial planning.  So, Personal Finance bloggers and Financial Literacy Champions are stepping up to fill the gap in people’s money management education.  And I think that’s a great thing.


I support anyone who is doing their best to provide accurate, clear, actionable financial educational resources.  I believe that this is an incredibly important issue that has deep impacts on people’s lives.  I’m glad to have joined this energetic and motivated group of Personal Finance Educators.


What does the Personal Finance resource landscape look like in Dubai?

That’s a great question, and although it’s not as developed as some geographies, there is a growing number of excellent resources for Dubai residents to leverage as they move through their own personal finance journey.


I’ve created the Dubai Personal Finance Resource Directory, which will be updated monthly with any new entrants to the field.  This includes other blogs, newspapers and magazines, comparison sites, fintech, and lots of education-focused organizations.  I’m excited to watch the list grow over time.


As I said, the more people we have who are providing accurate, clear, actionable financial educational resources for the residents of Dubai, the better!  There is a huge need for this content and resources in Dubai, as people are trying to figure out how to manage their personal finances with all the complexities of being an expat on-top.


I look forward to growing this site and creating as much amazing content for you my readers as possible.  Please reach out to me on the Contact page or just add a comment below to let me know what topics you’d most like me to cover in an upcoming post.


Take a moment now to explore the...

Dubai Personal Finance Resource Directory




As always, check out these additional resources below…

Matt Nobles is the founder of Dubai Personal Finance.  In addition to being a certified Personal Finance Education Instructor, Matt also has 10 years of Corporate Finance experience, working for a large multi-national company.  Matt is passionate about helping people like you learn how to make wise money management choices, so you can achieve Financial Independence and focus on living the life you’ve always wanted.

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