Giving is core to my mission.

Dubai Personal Finance exists only to serve others ... to help provide you with a quality personal finance education and give you valuable tools to support wise money management and decision making.

In line with this service focus, I recognize that many of us are incredibly fortunate to be in a good position with our personal finances (myself included) and that we have a responsibility to help those in need.

With that in mind, here is what I commit to do through Dubai Personal Finance...

Donate 10% of Annual Earnings

I haven't earned a single Dirham from this blog yet ... but when I do, I commit to giving 10% of all earnings (net income) to an approved charity or non-profit in Dubai (in compliance with the local UAE laws and regulations).

I haven't selected any charity or non-profit yet, but I'd like all donations to be focused on education or community development initiatives.

If you have a suggestion for a charity or non-profit, please reach out to me via the CONTACT page.

Give Freely of My Time & Energy

Volunteering has always been a passion of mine.  I commit to spending a portion of my time and energy volunteering in the local Dubai community to support my fellow residents.

I will focus my volunteering efforts on providing value-added services such as, free personal finance training and workshops, professional development training, workplace readiness coaching, and other related activities.

I plan to address needs across the community with people of all backgrounds ... kids, adults, Emiratis, expats, professionals, laborers ... and more.

If you have a great volunteer opportunity idea, or if you would like to join me in volunteering in Dubai, then please reach out to me via the CONTACT page.

From time to time, I'll post a brief summary to share the news about the good work we're able to accomplish in giving back to the Dubai community.

Together we can make a difference!  Join me!

Opportunities to give back in the Dubai community...

This is an initiative of Dubai Personal Finance to better connect you with opportunities to give back to our community in Dubai and the UAE.  We've identified almost 50 organizations that are focused on the following areas & causes:

- General Community Service & Charity

- "Determined Ones" (Special Needs)

- Education

- Social Services

- Women & Children

- Elderly & Healthcare

- Environment & Animals

- Donations

- Professional Development


Please visit the UAE Government website for the official guidelines on doing Charity and Humanitarian work in the UAE.

Also, please visit the website which is the official platform for volunteering registration and opportunities in the UAE.


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