A couple weeks ago, a trending hashtag popped up on Twitter that caught my interest… #SaidNoOneInTheUAEever.  I checked back every couple of hours to scan through the new tweets, which were hilarious to read.  And then I read one that just made me stop dead in my tracks…


“I’ve actually managed to save money while living in Dubai! #SaidNoOneInTheUAEever”


Really?!  You can’t save money while living in Dubai?!  It’s true that the cost of living in Dubai can be very high, but the majority of people are here because of the great economic opportunities that this city has to offer.  And with those opportunities come the chance to save some serious cash.


Just remember, your savings aren’t going to build themselves … so you need a thoughtful plan and some good tools to help you get there.  One of my absolute favorite savings tools to use in Dubai is…


(I am not getting paid a single Dirham to post this article.  I just think the ENTERTAINER is great, and you should too!)


The ENTERTAINER is a publisher of buy one get one free (2-for-1) offers for restaurants, leisure attractions, spas, hotel accommodation and more across the Middle East, Asia, Africa and Europe.


Quick Facts:

- Founded in 2001 by Donna Benton

- Offers 46 products (books & apps) that cover 40 destinations in 15 countries

- Company is privately owned, with a 50% ownership investment made by Abraaj Capital in 2012

- Now employs over 200 people across multiple countries

- App version launched in 2013, which offers even more exclusive offers added each month

- App features include GPS mapping, advanced search & filter capabilities, social sharing and integration with Trip Advisor and Careem

- The average Dubai customer saves 6,300AED per year with the Entertainer App

- There are more than 4,500 2-for-1 offers across 1,400+ venues in Dubai

- Over 2 million 2-for-1 mobile offers are redeemed in the UAE alone each year


You can find all the ENTERTAINER Dubai products available for sale here.


In September 2016, the ENTERTAINER added a new offering called “CHEERS” which they describe as “the best friend you never had.”  This product offers 2-for-1 drinks across many of Dubai’s best bars, restaurants and nightspots.  Awesome.


In January 2017, the ENTERTAINER launched their new DELIVERY options.  Just select the “Delivery” tab from within the app to find all the great offers.



Ok, so let’s talk about how to use it!  Here’s a peek into my ENTERTAINER usage patterns…


  • In 2017, I’ve redeemed 64 offers and saved 5,397AED … and I’m sure I’ll add another +1,500AED by year-end
  • I’m currently at level Mr “Moneybags” … cool
  • I’ve got 11,000 “Smiles” which I can use to buy back 11 of my favorite vouchers
  • My lifetime savings, over 2015 – 2017 are 18,596AED!



As you can see, I love using the ENTERTAINER.  Every time I go out for a meal or consider purchasing a service, I always check what the good 2-for-1 options are first.  It seems obvious to me that the ENTERTAINER pays for itself within the first couple of months of the year, and the rest is all additional savings.  Awesome.


I hope you enjoy using the ENTERTAINER as much as I do, and are able to make some massive savings while enjoying life in Dubai!


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